CE Mark pending expected in Q3/2015


  • Last generation of NC PTCA BALLOON. Predictable balloon compliance.
  • High pressure ptca balloon catheter. Adequate pressure resistance (RBP at 20ATM).
  • Indicated for hard calcified lesions and post-stent dilatation. Optimum tracking & crossing: low profiles-tip entry and balloon crossing profiles (see chart). Resistant walled balloon, flexible and optimum balloon refolding.
  • Predictable balloon compliance to allow precise diameter sizing. Maximize wall apposition due to NC Balloon performance.
  • Excellent navigability properties and balanced pushability, trackability and crossability. Highly efficient hidrophilic balloon and distal shaft coating with very low friction.
  • Deliver central and uniform dilatation with less risk to cause edge dissection. Balloon distal transition angle design: tapered shoulders at 42º.
  • Freedom of motion of guide wire at high pressure balloon inflation. No risk of guide wire colapse. Patented design of inner tube at distal catheter segment.
  • PTCA Balloon Catheter Rapid Exchange System (RX)  
  • Semi-Compliant Balloon
  • Balloon material: Poliamid  
  • Balloon transition Angles: Tapered shoulders at 42º
  • Balloon inflations pressures: Nominal 6 ATM/Bars.
  • Rated Burst Pressure (RBP): 18 ATM/Bars (16 ATM/Bars > 4.0mm)
  • Catheter tip entry profile 0.016”
  • Catheter lenght: 140 cms
  • Catheter shaft diameters: 1.9 FR (próximal) and 2.4 FR distal
  • (base on 3.0 x 20mm, balloon catheter)
  • Compatible Guide wire 0.014”
  • Minimal Guiding catheter compatible: 5 FR (0.058mm)
  • Kissing Ballooon technique: 2 balloons on 6 FR guiding catheter